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  • 2013-10-10
    Domestic smart phone battery ignition event analysis


李先生被火熏黑的手上摊着原配手机电池和出事变形的手机电池。 被烧破的裤子。 记者杨耀烨 摄
Mr. Lee is the fire-blackened hands Tanzhao wife cell phone batteries and mobile phone batteries deformation accident.
  WASHINGTON ( Reporter Zhang Geng Liang Lin Jing ) "Bang ! " Members of the village in Guangzhou Lee Street stalls open pocket suddenly felt a hot, quickly pulled out a cell phone to see , even on fire. Panic, Lee threw the phone underground , looked down and found a hole in jeans burn . Yesterday morning , just finished morning tea sigh phone battery Li suffered spontaneous combustion Cry scene .
10 o'clock yesterday , the reporter went to Lee's stall . Recall just happened cell phone battery ignition , Lee shock : "I call up a friend to drink tea 8:00 , 9:30 back stalls, suddenly felt his hip pocket and cell phone hot , quickly took out his cell phone deepened throw, then phone began to open fire , wooden cabinet gave the grocery blackened . " Fortunately, Lee's left thigh only by minor burns , burn a hole in jeans , left hand were blackened , but fortunately does not matter. Subsequently , Mr. Li showed reporters a spontaneous occurrence battery cell phone battery is a serious expansion saw the deformed parts of the phone is also off.

It is understood that in July last year, Mr. Lee bought the homemade smartphone. Later, he took a sales document to the operating room to discuss that . Terminal Services staff responsible for Xiao Wu said that this problem is first encountered in the formal testing mobile phone battery can not be determined until the cause spontaneous combustion , but there may be voltage instability . Subsequently, Xiao Wu photographed accident cell phone photos, ready to be transferred manufacturers analyze the reasons. He promised the operating room will attach great importance to this issue and provide a platform for the Lee spare machine .