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A123 12V Motorcycle Start Battery


Descriptions: 12V Start Battery For Motorcycle

A123 12V Motorcycle Start Battery

12V/6.9Ah  LiFePO4 Start Battery
Item Specification Remark
Nominal capacity 6.9Ah A123  26650-2300mAh
Nominal voltage 12V 3.2V / 1Cell
Charging voltage 14.4V±0.05V 3.6V / 1Cell
Charging method CC/CV (Constant-current and -Voltage with Limited current
Standard charging time 2000mA4hour5000mA/2hour Battery capacity÷charging current×1.5
Continuous discharge current 207A30C30S -20 ~ +60
Maximal discharge current 414A60C2S -20 ~ +60
Balance  Module:PCM-B04S20-908
Balance voltage 3.60±0.025V single cell
Balance current  108±5mA single cell
4S3P 12V/6.9Ah  LiFePO4 Start Battery

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