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24V 75Ah Battery Pack LY-F12150-B

size: 480*170*240mm

Discharging current :100A
Charging current:20A
For Energy Storage
weight: 20.2KG

24V 75Ah Lifepo4 Battery Pack With Bluetooth Communication Function

Leadyo Technology
24V 75Ah Battery Pack With Bluetooth Communication Function
Model No: LY-F12150-A LY-F12150-B
Cell Types 4S48P     26650-3200mAh 8S24P     26650-3200mAh
Nominal capacity 150Ah 75Ah
Nominal voltage 12V 24V
Charging voltage 14.4V 28.8V
charging current 20A 20A
Continuous discharge current 100A 50A
Short circuit protection Exterior short circuit Automatic recovery 
Cycle life 1000
Protection  Circuit  Module:PCM-L08S100-860
Continuous charging current 100A PCM
Continuous Discharging current 100A PCM
Over-charge detection voltage 3.9±0.025V Single Cell
Over-discharge detection voltage 2.0±0.062V Single Cell
Over-current  detection 300±10A Can Adjust

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